uSonyCam is the video streaming viewer with anincredibly intuitive touch screen user interface for Sony network cameras. Unlike the ordinary IP camera applications; it not only gives the user many more options, but enables to quickly and easily add new models right after users request through our open architecture software.

The most spectacular cutting edge techniqueof this application is the open architecture client which enables the software to dynamically update on demand, without requiring modification of the source code & Apple's update process. What that means is that we can easily & quickly support most of the models if the cams meet our functional requirements right after some tests. New models are able to be added online right after tapping a reload button.

Another differentiating feature is that the new navigated digital zoom option allows the user to zoom into any part of the screen of what the camera currently displays. Although the camera can move around to zoom in, there are tight corners that you cannot zoom in with just the camera's turning points. Its possible to zoom in digitally to any part of the display screen that the user desires. Do pinch to zoom then simply press and navigate the spot you wish to zoom in. Just download and click uSonyCam to view what your cameras lens see virtually from anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage or even cellular networks.

<Main Features>

- Streaming viewer for Sony network cameras with JPEG/MJPEG video codec.

- Unlimited number of cameras can be configured

- Direct access to video streams from networks cameras. No NVR or 3rd party server is required

- Pinch to digitally zoom for any part of thedisplay screen that the user desires

- Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls with overlay buttons

- Optical zooming option if the user's camera has the optics lens

- Friendly navigate cameras with landscape modes

- Optional cellular network alert notification

- Compatible with Dynamic DNS services

- Take snapshots or share via email, facebook and/ortwitter.

<In App Purchase for "Quad-Views">

- View four live video feeds onscreen at a time

- Easily navigating between hundreds of cameras with a single swipe

<Supported Network Cameras>

- CH110,CH210: SNC-CH110, SNC-CH210

- CH160: CH160

- DF40N,70N: DF40N, DF70N

- DF80: DF80

- EP521,EP580: EP521, EP580

- RZ20,RZ25: Z20N, RZ25N

- RZ30,RZ50: RZ30N, RZ50N

- Common: CM120, P5, RZ550P, RZ570N

- Currently supported camera models in this application are not their own manufacturers entire line of models and are only models that are viewable through safari browser.

<How to Setup>  

- Select Setup button for Add New Camera

- Do the settings by filling out the required fields

- Camera name: Enter the name you want to assign to the camera

- Username: Enter the Username of the camera (case sensitive)

- Password: Enter the Password of the camera (case sensitive)

- Select Camera Model by a picker then back to Setup screen

- IP or DDNS: Enter IP address or DDNS URL without http://

- Port: Enter the Port number on which the camera is installed

- Function Setup: toggle Pant Tilt, Optical Zoom, 3G Notification options ON/OFF

- Do tap save button in the upper left side


Before you can control your camera(s) remotely, you must to setup your router to allow incoming traffic. For security reasons, routers don't normally allow external traffic into your home/office network. You should read your cameras setup manual regarding port forwarding. For more information on port forwarding and router configuration, please see

Some ISPs can block incoming connections to well known ports (80 and 8080 for HTTP, 20 and 21 for FTP, 25 for SMTP, 110 for POP3). If that is the case, you need to forward a non blocked port number in the router and map it into the camera port number.

The quality of video display(s) shown on the iPhone/iTouch may vary according the quality of the camera(s) and the data received from them. The response time of PTZ control depends on the network and/or camera capability which may cause a little bit of delay in feedback. Please tell us the model and manufacturer of the camera in which you are using for your own benefit and for the development of UBNTEK.

<How to pinch to zoom in/out>

(Image courtesy of

With multi-touch, you can place two fingers on the screen and squeeze them together to make the item youre viewing smaller, or pull them apart to make it bigger. Thats where you hold one finger on the screen and move it around, causing the screen under your finger to scroll to navigate the spot you desire.


Allows the user to switch to previous or the next camera screen and control to Home position

Allows the user to control opticam zoom in and out

Saves the images into Save Photos of your devices photo Albums

Pan Tilt Controls

Toggle icon in landscape modes: Allows the user to alternate between turning menu bars on or off

Camera setup: Shows camera lists and setups for adding new camera